Feminist International Radio Endeavour


By all means, connecting voices, technologies and actions...
giving a voice to the voiceless...


  • To promote non-stereotyped images of women in media, also recognizing and  respecting the diversity of women;

  •  To promote the presence of women in the media;

  • To promote non-sexist communications, and an inclusive language in the media;

  • To contribute to strengthen local, national, regional and global communications  networks of women, participating in their activities and organizations;

  • To promote the human rights of women;

  • To produce FIRE -- Feminist International Radio Endeavor -- in English and Spanish for radio and Internet.

FIRE disseminates women's voices in all their diversity, so that they can be heard by men and women around the world, crossing barriers of nationality, culture, race, geography and language, and contributing to bridge the gender gap.

FIRE has adopted FIRE's main mission, of "giving voice to the voiceless." Its programs address diverse themes from a gender perspective. These include neo-liberal policies, women's human  rights, the environment, racism, disabilities, militarism, sexualities, education, arts and culture.

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