International Consultation on Women Human Rights Defenders

29 November – 2 December 2005 in Colombo, Sri Lanka




Audio Gallery


Day 1


Opening plenary: Our sisters, ourselves: Defending human rights defenders

Mary Jane Real: Welcome words

Nimalka Fernando, Women´s Alliance for Peace and Democracy/IMARD, Sri Lanka: Welcome Remarks

Hina Jilani, UN Special Representative to the Secretary General on Human Rights Defenders: Keynote Address- Defending Women, Defending Rights

Charlotte Bunch, Center for Women´s Global Leadership, USA: Introduction to the WHRD Campaign and International Consultation


Plenary 2: Panel Presentation on Problems and Obstacles Faced by WHRDs

Ruth del Valle, Movimiento Nacional de Derechos Humanos,Guatemala

 (spanish and english)

Marieme Helie Lucas, Women Living Under Muslim Laws, France/Algeria: Fundamentalisms and WHRDs

Nafisa Faye, Siggil Jiggil, Senegal

Cynthia Rothschild, CWGL/IGLHRC, USA: Sexuality-based attacks against WHRDs



Day 2


Plenary Session 4: Panel Presentation on Protecting Rights, Preventing Abuses: UN and Governmental Mechanisms for the protection of WHRDs

Mary Jane Real, WHRDs Campaign: Summary of the first day.

Julie de Rivero, International Service for Human Rights, Switzerland: UN and other international/regional mechanisms on WHRDs

Philip Alston, UN Special Rapporteur on Extrajudicial, Summary or Arbitrary Executions: Using and accessing the UN Special Raporteur  mechanism for the protection of WHRDs

Kamala Chandrakirana, Kommas Perempuan, Indonesia: Role of national human rights institutions in the protection of WHRDs

Luz Marina Monzón, Colombian Commision of Jurists, Colombia: Accessing governmental and non-governmental mechanisms for the protection of WHRDs (spanish and english)



Plenary Session 5: Panel Presentation on NGO Experiences in Accessing Mechanisms and Tools for the Protection of WHRDs

Hina Jilani: Farewell Words

Zazi Sadou, Women Living Under Muslim Laws, Algeria: Strategies of a network in supporting WHRD at risk (french and English)

Lohana Berkins, Association for the Struggle for Transgender Identity, Argetina: Strategies of LGBT groups to counter sexuality-based attacks against WHRDs. (Spanish and English)

Lepa Mladjenovic, Autonomous Women´s Center Against Sexual Violence, Serbia and Montenegro: Psychological well-being and protection for WHRDs

Questions and comments


Day 3


Plenary Session 7: Panel Presentation Justice for WHRDs and Accountabilidy for Violations and abuses


Sunila Abeyseekera, WHRD-ICC: Summary of the second day

Aruna Mamei, Amnesty International, Sierra Leone: Accountability for violations by the State against WHRDs

Susana Fried, International Gay and LesbianHuman Rights Commission, USA: Accountability for obstacles face by WHRDs in the family/community

Silvia Juliá, Católicas por el Derecho a Decidir, Argentina: Accountability for violations against WHRDs by fundamentalist forces (Spanish and English)

Miloon Kothari, UN Special Rapporteur on Adequate Housing: WHRDs and Accountability for violations by state and non-state actors in the context of neoliberal globalization

Vahida Nainar, Gender Justice Initiative, India: WHRDs and Accountability for violations by state and non-state actors under the International Criminal Court Statute

Questions and comments


Closing Plenary: Moving Forward together: Future collaborations on WHRDs

Charlotte Bunch, Introduction


Radhia Nasraoui, Túnez: Security and protection group. (french and english)

Lidia Cacho, México: Gender violence and femicide group (Spanish and english)

Nafisa Saye, Senegal: Networking group (french and english)

Donna Ann Marie, Jamaica: Sexual and reproductive rights group.

Archi Pyati, USA  and  Adriana Cortés, Colombia: International accountability and neoliberal globalization group

Tony Kasim, Malaysia: Non-state actors group

Hilary Fisher: Campaign Advocacy group

Tilder Kumichii Mdichia, Cameroon: Capacity Building and training group





Silvia Juliá (spanish): Campaña por la despenalización del aborto en Argentina: logros, obstáculos y estrategias.

Juana Calfunao (spanish): Situación del pueblo Mapuche en Chile y violaciones de los derechos humanos perpetrados por actores estatales