may 2009

Proposals to the President of Guatemala

in response to Femicide and Violence Against Women


Guatemala City , May 11th, 2009

The Platform of Spanish Women Artists against Gender Violence, after meetings with Guatemalan women’s organizations during its visit to the country from May 5 to 12, 2009, has drawn up a list of requests to present to the President of the Republic of Guatemala in these proposals.


The law against Femicide and other forms of Violence against Women, dated April 9, 2008, states in its preamble  “that Guatemalan women have the right to the recognition, exercise and protection of all the human rights and liberties guaranteed in the Political Constitution of the Republic as well as in international human rights instruments; and that the problem of violence and discrimination against women, girls, and adolescents in the country has aggravated the levels of murder and impunity due to the unequal power relations that exist between men and women in the social, economic, judicial, cultural and family spheres. “


We request:


1. that the right of all women to effective legal protection be guaranteed


2. that the de jure recognition of Guatemalan women’s rights by the Guatemalan state be converted into a de facto protection of the same


3. that the law against Femicide and other forms of Violence against Women be enforced for all women regardless of their ethnic origin, condition, age, sexual orientation or beliefs.


4.  that specialized training be guaranteed for those responsible for enforcing legislation against femicide and other forms of violence against women


5 that those civil institutions responsible for ensuring the safety of victims of violence be strengthened


6. that criminal investigation systems be improved so as to end the impunity of the perpetrators


7. that the collection of reliable statistical data that reflect the true dimension of femicide and all forms of violence against women be institutionalized. To quantify, analyze and provide follow-up for public policies we urge the creation of a WATCH process to provide information on FEMICIDE AND OTHER FORMS OF VIOLENCE AGAINST WOMEN and hold perpetrators accountable.


8. that collaboration between the civil society and state institutions be promoted to guarantee the correct application of the law and the eradication of violence against women in the Guatemalan society.


9. that the necessary mechanisms be established for preventing violence against women through education, information and awareness raising campaigns to achieve the involvement of the whole society.


10. that appropriate resources be guaranteed in the State Budget through the Ministry of Public Finances to enforce the law and guarantee the work of the National Commission for the Prevention and Eradication of Domestic Violence and other forms of violence against women.

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