Global Women’s Human Rights Forum


The University of San Francisco in California , USA is organizing a Global Women’s Human Rights Forum from March 2-5 , 2009, bringing together bringing together scholars and activists from across the world to examine economic, social and political justice issues facing women.


One of the panels on March 4 will feature "Interreligious Dialogue & Justice:  Exploring Strategies for Global Development and Peace" co-sponsored with USF and Vesper Society to address the effects of religious fundamentalism, whether Christian, Muslim, Hindu, or other, on women in Africa, Asia and the Americas  


It will be moderated by Lilian LILIAN DUBE, assistant professor of theology and religious studies at the University of San Francisco and co-chair of the African studies program.  


Panelists will be TERESIA MBARI HINGA, associate professor of religious studies at Santa Clara University .  Born in Kenya , Dr. Hinga holds a doctorate in religious studies/African Christianity from the University of Lancaster, England.  Her research focuses on religion and women's issues, particularly in Africa and the ethics of globalization. LOIS ANN LORENTZEN, professor of social ethics and chair of the department of theology and religious studies at the University of San Francisco (USF) and co-director of the Center for Latino Studies of the Americas (CELASA) at USF.  She is the author of many books and articles on immigration, environmental ethics, bioethics, gender and religion. And MARÍA SUÁREZ TORO, a journalist, teacher, human rights activist and co-director of the Feminist International Radio Endeavor (FIRE).  She holds a Ph.D. in education from the University of La Salle in Costa Rica, and is author of Se Vende Lindo Pais (Lovely Country for Sale) (2001). 

The full program is as follows:

 8th Annual Global Women's Rights Forum University of San Francisco

Monday March 2, 6-8pm, Berman Hall, Fromm: Immigrant Women's Rights in California .  Speakers include women from the Lideres Campesinas organization ( Salinas ). 

Tuesday March 3, 6-8pm, Berman Hall, Fromm: Young Women Organize against HIV/AIDS at Home and Abroad.  Speakers include Joya Banerjee, Founder, Global Youth Coalition on HIV/AIDS, Shamillah Wilson, Sowilo Leadership Solutions ( South Africa ) and representatives from LYRIC:

Lavender Youth Recreation & Information Center ( San Francisco ).  Moderator: Heather Hoag and members of the Uthombo student organization

Wednesday March 4, 6-8pm Berman Hall, Fromm: Global Perspectives on Religious Fundamentalism:  Assessing the Impact on Women.  Speakers include Teresia Hinga, Santa Clara University , Maria Suarez Toro,

FIRE:  Feminist International Radio Endeavour ( Costa Rica ) and Lois Lorentzen, Chair, Theology and Religious Studies. Moderator: Lilian Dube, Theology and Religious Studies. 

Thursday, March 5, 1:30-3:30pm, Location TBD: Transnational Feminist Media Activism.  Presentation by Maria Suarez Toro, FIRE.


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