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Suzanne Levine, founder and president of the National Center on Disability & Journalism

The National Center on Disability & Journalism is an independent journalism organization which aims to educate journalists and educators about disability reporting issues in order to produce more accurate, fair and diverse news reporting. The mission is realized through research, development and distribution of educational resources.

In this interview, conducted by Laura Hershey at the 2002 Society for Disability Studies conference, Suzanne talks about the news media's coverage of disability issues, and how she is working to improve that coverage.
Listen Click to listen to Suzanne Levine interviewed by Laura Hershey
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Laura Hershey, writer, trainer, activist

Laura Hershey is a writer, trainer, activist and columnist with CripCommentary.com.

The University of Denver held a Communications & Disabilities Symposium in Spring, 2002, featuring a variety of speakers including Laura.  In her presentation, she talked about the numerous stereotypes and misconceptions about persons with disabilities perpetuated by media, and also introduced several alternative websites on disability issues.
Listen Click to listen to Laura Hershey's presentation at University of Denver's Communications & Disabilities Symposium
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