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General Issues Related to Women with Disabilities


Patricia Murphy, Disabilities Studies Program, University of Toledo, &
Shelly Papenfuse, Ability Center, Toledo, Ohio

Dr. Patricia Murphy, visiting professor at the University of Toledo; and Shelly Papenfuse, director of grants administration for the Ability Center, Toledo, Ohio.

The Ability Center, an independent living organization with a large endowment, gave a grant to the University of Toledo to start a new multidisciplinary Disability Studies program. In this interview, conducted by Laura Hershey at the 2002 Society for Disability Studies conference, Patricia Murphy and Shelly Papenfuse talk about the evolution and purposes of the program, and the issues it will explore.
Listen Click to listen to Patricia Murphy & Shelly Papenfuse interviewed by Laura Hershey

Emi Koyama, Activist & Writer

Emi describes herself as "a multi-issue social justice slut synthesizing feminist, Asian, survivor, dyke, queer, sex worker, slut, intersex, genderqueer, and crip politics."

In this interview, conducted by Laura Hershey at the 2002 L.G.B.T.I. Health Summit, Emi talks about her multiple identities and issues, and she challenges the feminist movement to recognize all kinds of oppressions.
Listen Click to listen to Emi Koyama interviewed by Laura Hershey
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"Disability must become an issue for the feminist movement"

By Luis Fernando Astorga Gatjens (E-mail: lferag@racsa.co.cr)

Gabriela Valverde, a participant at the IX Latin American and Caribbean Feminist Conference (Noveno Encuentro Feminista Latinoamericano y de El Caribe) noted that despite a diverse conference agenda focusing on globalization and feminism, the conference did not examine disability issues within the feminist movement.   "Disability must become an issue for the feminist movement" continued...

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