Feminists in Resistance in Honduras: 


August 5, 2009

FIRE – Feminist International Radio Endeavour/
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Resolution of the crisis in Honduras needs to include feminist and women’s perspectives, including a commitment to break the impunity surrounding violations of women’s human rights.  Because this culture of impunity reaches back to the 1980s with the dictatorships in Honduras and was never broken, it recycles through today with the military coup d'etat and crisis.

This is a central imperative of “Honduran Feminists in Resistance,” a group working with feminist and women’s organizations in Central America, Mexico and the United States to organize Women’s Human Rights Week in Honduras, August 17-21, 2009.  They are organizing a “Feminist Transgressional Watch,” (http://www.petateras.org/observatorio.htm)  based on a model designed by Petateras, one of the organizers of the initiative. 

FIRE is also one of the coordinators, and will cover the event, conduct interviews and collect testimonials and cases of violations of the human rights of women.  Other organizers of this initiative include: Just Associates (JASS), and the Consortium for Parliamentary Dialogue and Equality (Mexico). 

 “Feminists in Resistance” have been active with strategies of resistance against the coup in the streets with participation in marches & protests, working at the grassroots level in communities to provide information and design actions, and coordinating with national, regional and international networks and social movements to promote international solidarity with their struggles.

An international delegation including human rights activists, investigators, legal experts and journalists from Central America, Mexico and the United States, will travel to Honduras in mid-August to document violations of women’s human rights.   Femicides and attacks on women were more than three times higher during the coup and ongoing crisis, according to Gilda Rivera of the Women’s Rights Center (CDM --
Centro de Derechos de las Mujeres) of Honduras.

The feminist observatory will work with Feminists in Resistance to gather information, testimonies, and statistics through meetings with organizations and individual women regarding violations of women’s human rights and the impact of the coup and aftermath on the lives of women and their families, which will be compiled as a preliminary report.  This information will be disseminated through national, regional and international media by journalists in the delegation. 

A FIRE team will also be broadcasting live through the internet, and be posting interviews and other audio files on their website, along with photos and written articles in Spanish and English. 

The live FIRE transmission will take place on Wednesday, August 19, and will include a virtual feminist observatory for listeners around the world who are encouraged to send emails and also call us with messages of solidarity to the Honduran women in their struggles.

FIRE will interview Honduran women and members of the international delegation for the broadcast, but also feminist and human rights activists, Nobel Prize Laureates, and others via telephone who were not able to join the delegation.

The last night of the Women’s Human Rights Week will feature a concert and cultural activity with musicians and artists from Honduras and the region.

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To send messages of solidarity to the Honduran women, please write to observatorio@radiofeminista.net.     

For more information write to Margaret Thompson (margieratt@yahoo.com) or Yarman Jiménez of FIRE at: yarman@radiofeminista.net or petateras@gmail.com.


·         Feminists in Resistance (Feministas en Resistencia) of Honduras

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·          Petateras --   www.petateras.org  

·         Just Associates (JASS) – www.justassociates.org

·         Consortium for Parliamentary Dialogue & Equity  (Mexico - Consorcio para el Diálogo Parlamentario y la Equidad) -- www.consorcio.org.mx/site/ 



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