August 10, 2009

By FIRE – Feminist International Radio Endeavour  
/Radio Internacional Feminista

Demand an end to the violent repression and violations of human rights, and a restoration of democracy

International solidarity is critical for the restoration of democracy and democratic rule in Honduras, to support a massive popular resistance to the recent military coup and violent repression by military and police forces.  Leaders of this growing social and political movement are calling for a Global Day of Action for Honduras on Tuesday, August 11, 2009, asking people around the world to rally in their own countries and communities in support of the Honduran people, to stop the violence and deaths caused by the militarization of the country.

The 11th of August is likewise the 7th day of a National March of people from all over Honduras who will arrive in Tegucigalpa and San Pedro Sula, two major cities.  Feminists and other women’s groups have played a central role in protests and marches ever since the coup on June 28th, determined to demonstrate to the world and the coup government that popular resistence is growing despite the violent repression.

A far stronger response from the US, Canadian & European governments are needed to stop the excessive use of force, arbitrary detentions, and acts of censorship by the military backed coup regime of Roberto Micheletti. 

The US government has long played a critical role in Honduras and the Central American region, and has enormous clout with sending millions in military and development aid to Honduras.  The government cut $18.5 million in military aid, but refuses to declare the overthrow of Zelaya a “coup d’etat” because it would require under US law to cut an additional $180 in economic aid.  The United States also has huge leverage through trade because 70% of Honduras' exports go to the United States.

And, while the U.S. claims to have cut off military aid, it continues to train Honduran military officers in the School of the Americas in Georgia, now called the Western Hemisphere Institute for Security Cooperation (WHINSEC), according to the National Catholic Reporter. The leading general in the coup  in Honduras is an SOA graduate.  Also, the US supports one military base in Honduras, but recently announced plans for seven new bases in Colombia.

International solidarity for the people of Honduras is very important, particularly persons from countries with international business, financial and military ties to Honduras, sectors that promoted the coup, according to Rights Action.  Likewise, coup support in both the Latin and North American regions comes from right wing groups that are vehemently anti-Chavez, and fear the populist policies of Zelaya as likewise being too leftist.


Contact your national representatives and media in your own country  (In the US, write to Congress, President Obama, and Sec. of State Hilton at:  congress.org )


  • An end to the military, police and para-military repression

  • Respect for safety and human rights of all Hondurans, particularly women and families who have suffered even more during this siege

  • Return of Pres. Zelaya and the entire constitutional government

  • Imposition of economic, military and diplomatic sanctions against the de facto coup government

  • Suspension of ALL US government aid to Honduras

  • Investigation and denouncement of illegal actions and human rights violations committed during and since the military coup, particularly those of women who face an increase in assaults and femicide (murders of women as women)

  • Urge support for a resolution introduced by US Representatives Bill Delahunt, José Serrano and Jim McGovern that calls for the return to democracy and the reinstatement of Manuel Zelaya as President of Honduras.

  • Fair and thorough media coverage of Honduras, including the massive public protests and marches demanding a return to the rule of law and democracy, and in particular the resistance and actions of feminists and women (which have been largely ignored in much of global media coverage)

  • Urge Representatives Bill Delahunt, José Serrano and Jim McGovern have introduced a resolution that calls for the return to democracy and the reinstatement of Manuel Zelaya as President of Honduras. Ask your Representative to take a stand for democracy by suspending operations of the SOA and restoring the rightful government of Honduras

For more information write to Margie Thompson of FIRE (
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For more reports on feminist resistance in Honduras:  FIRE – Feminist International Radio Endeavour (Radio Internacional Feminista) www.radiofeminista.net

Sources of information for this report include FIRE,  Rights Action, and SOA Watch,