A FIRE-PLACE webcast initiative consisting of morning webcast of every plenary session of the Forum "The Power of Movements" in Spanish, French and English, and three daily hours every afternoon in any language that participants want to include.

During AWID, women who will attend the Forum will be able to come on line to "kindle the fire with their voices." An international audience will be able to listen to the proceedings and interviews by clicking on www.fire.or.cr or the links in AWID’s web page at www.awid.org

The FIREPLACE will be organized by Feminist International Radio Endeavour (FIRE) in coordination with AWID, Just Associates (JASS), The Mesoamerican/USA PETATERAS Network, The FTX Tech Initiative (PARM/APC, AWID and Women’s Net), Feminist Media Network, AMARC Women’s Network and The Women Pulse Initiative. Other organizations can join in.

Joining the FIREPLACE will be as simple as joining a fireplace back home or a circle or bon fire anywhere. All you have to bring is your voice and experience.

Organizations and individuals can register here to form part of the webcast by being interviewed by FIRE staff of organizing a piece of the webcast schedule to organize your own interviews.

Once at the Forum, look for the FIREPLACE. You can also listen to it back home if you will not be at the Forum but want to listen and comment through email.

The FIREPLACE will relay live streaming over the internet in multiple languages. The audio files are also saved (both with a recording device and as a sound file on the server) for simultaneous webcast or later re-use both on the internet and by community and commercial radio stations worldwide.

The recorded audio files are archived on the internet for "on demand" listening also, whenever people want to go to the site and listen. Other venues re-broadcast the programs via conventional radio, their web pages, magazines and electronic venues. Press, electronic mails and magazine journalists listen and produce features for their media.

Up to 400 listeners at once can currently listen at the same time to FIRE's webcasts live.

The history of the FIREPLACE strategy

FIREPLACE webcasts are a strategy of FIRE since 1999, consisting of a radio station placed in the middle of any conference or meeting to open its microphones to women so that they can share with an international audience their news, reports, debates, feelings and analysis when gathering to struggle for social change.

Such webcasts are designed under a strategy of FIRE’s own creation in interaction with other women in media and media groups. Since it began webcasting in 1998, Feminist International Radio Feminist (FIRE) has designed its own concept of what a feminist – Internet – international - community – radio - station in the Internet can be. It combines the multimedia capability of the Internet in a radio format, that is, a format that has the oral language of women at the center, with a multiplying strategy as the backbone. ‘By all means connecting voices, technologies and actions, amplifying women’s voices worldwide’ became FIRE´s slogan as of 1998 when it substituted the world of shortwave radio broadcasting (1991-1998) for a multimedia approach to radio production.

Among a variety of activities, FIRE conducts special coverage of and from events, organizes and produces webcast marathons on special occasions; and also produces women’s PEACECASTS, all of which serve to mobilize awareness and participation. FIRE also conducts training in webcasting, which serves to build women’s capacities with new information technologies.

What is FIRE?

As an international communications venue, FIRE aims to bring a wide diversity of voices to the world’s media. Its mission is to: amplify the voices and ideas of women; promote the human rights of women; connect multiple voices, technologies and actions; strengthen women’s and Third World media efforts by participating in networks, and in local, regional and global initiatives; generate individual and collective commitment to movement building and action; and produce high quality, non-sexist, activist programs in Spanish and English for radio and the internet.

Feminist International Radio Endeavour -- FIRE -- is the first international Internet radio produced by women (see webpage in Spanish and English at: www.fire.or.cr). Based in Costa Rica , FIRE was broadcast originally on shortwave starting in 1991 and in 1998 began its innovative Internet Radio initiative. FIRE was created originally in order to use radio to its fullest potential, as a resource to amplify the voices of the women worldwide.

From within its feminist, Latin American and Global South identity, in 1998 this organization expanded its mission to include the creative combination of new technologies with traditional radio. One of its main characteristics is that seeks to develop new forms of communications, contributing to change the flow of information in the world order, providing to the world order access to the voices and perspectives of women through the combination of traditional radio and new technologies such as computers and telematics, in order to access a new concept of radio. It combines conventional radio with Internet, and contains a strategy that transcends the users of Internet, to be multiplied in diverse formats of communication, through rebroadcasts in local radios, international shortwave radio, magazines, newspapers, electronic networks, Web pages, etc.

FIRE team in comprised of the following:

Katerina Anfossi, Director

Maria Suarez Toro, producer

Yarman Jiménez, producer

Andrea Alvarado, producer

Margaret Thompson, producer

Larissa Coto, producer

Dorothy Abbott, producer

Ana Luisa Ahern, (JASS)

Roxana Arroyo (Petateras Network)


Schedule sign up sheet will be posted two weeks before the Forum.

Look for it at www.fire.or.cr



You may use the images, text and audios citing FIRE as source.
Source: Feminist International Radio Endeavour/www.radiofeminista.net